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  • Conserving resources, avoiding wastage: Solutions for achieving these goals are portrayed in the Interseroh Sustainability Magazine.

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Sustainability at Interseroh

For Interseroh, sustainability has always been at the core of our corporate strategy. We develop innovative solutions in order to conserve resources, avoid wastage and thus promote sustainable business development. Accordingly, we are also systematic about orienting our own business processes on sustainability. And we work every day towards our mission of zero waste solutions.


The world population consumes too many resources. Nor is this a recent trend. Over the last five decades, we’ve taken more resources from the Earth than can be naturally renewed – every year, without fail. Unless we want to destroy the basis of our own existence, we need to protect our resources better.
This is where Interseroh’s business model comes in. Our mission – and likewise our promise to our customers – is to develop zero waste solutions. Solutions that avoid wastage, organise materials within a closed loop, extend product lifetimes and design processes to be as efficient as possible. We want to conserve resources and avoid wastage. Also within our own processes.

Our 2016 Sustainability Magazine provides a window on our solutions and how we develop them.

Sustainability Magazine


reduction in
emissions at our
sites by 2025



million tonnes
of primary resources

As a leading producer, we attract a lot of public attention on many topics – including resource conservation and sustainability. The ‘There’s value in everything’ pilot project implemented together with Interseroh is part and parcel of this work.

Dr. Seiss, Supply Chain Director, Coca-Cola European Partners Deutschland GmbH

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Sustainable corporate governance

Sustainable development has been the guiding light for Interseroh’s business model from the outset. For us, it’s therefore natural to take responsibility for all of our entrepreneurial decisions and weave sustainability into the very fabric of our organisation. We have set out the key principles in our sustainability strategy. Our goals pinpoint what we want to achieve.

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Spotlight on sustainability

Conserving resources, avoiding wastage – that’s our goal at Interseroh. In our day-to-day work and in our own processes.

2016 Sustainability Report

With our 2016 Sustainability Report, we provide full details of the social and ecological performance of our business for the third year running. We set out the values that guide our actions, the impact our business activities have on society and the environment, and the progress that we are making. This year’s report is also the first to be offered in an online format.

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Supporting our staff

Every day, we’re working to make our mission goal – zero waste solutions – a reality. All of this is possible only thanks to our staff and their energy for new ideas. With their dedication and expertise, they are the most important resource in our company. This is why we support them and offer them opportunities to develop both personally and professionally.

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The future of the circular economy

We truly believe that nothing needs to go to waste. Our overarching goal is therefore to achieve a circular economy in which waste is avoided, product lifetimes are extended and materials are re-used. Only in this way we can meet our resource needs sustainably and protect the basis of our existence. Our solutions make an active contribution to this goal.

A circular economy means striving to keep as much of the ecological and economic value of products at the end of their useful life as possible. This needs new ideas, innovative business models and a transformational process – in waste management, in our economy, and in the minds of each and every one of us.

Dr. Henning Wilts, Head of the Circular Economy Research Unit

Wuppertal Institut

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