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IT and communication: refurbishing devices for reuse

Buying, data destruction, remarketing: Interseroh buys your used IT and communication devices, and organises all of the steps towards reusing this equipment – quickly, reliably and with a focus on the customer. 

Is your company looking to retire hardware? Whatever your equipment – PCs, tablets, monitors, servers, network devices or smartphones – Interseroh collects your end-of-life IT hardware and arranges for its reuse or recycling.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Quick

    Simply send us a list of your end-of-life hardware and we will send you a quotation within the next 24 hours.

  • Attractive

    We update our prices on a daily basis and offer you a fair deal for your hardware.

  • Secure

    We ensure the thorough destruction of your data. Security and data protection are top priority at Interseroh.

  • Reliable

    You have a single point of contact during the process from start to finish.

  • Sustainable

    Everyone using our services helps to close material loops and conserve resources.


We organise the pick-up of IT equipment to accommodate your requirements. We also ensure your data is secure from the point of pick-up onwards.

  • Service-oriented: We pack your equipment up on-site and provide suitable freight containers. We also handle all shipping coordination.
  • Flexible: Our services include dismantling, on-site data destruction and special cargo with a range of security options.
  • International: We can organise the pick-up of your equipment throughout Europe.

Data Security

Security and data protection are top priority at Interseroh. We handle each step in a process according to our high standards of quality and security, which ensures the secure handling of equipment and any sensitive data that may still be present. Following the letter of the law and BSI guidance, we then meticulously destroy the data. You then receive a detailed report that references each piece of equipment by its serial number.

We perform the actual data erasure step using Blancco, the market leader for data destruction software, while ensuring compliance with security standards such as ISO 27001, ISO 27040, PCI DSS, HIPAA, FedRAMP or NIST. We log each and every operation and provide these records for audits. If storage media are found to be defective or cannot be reused for any other reasons, we organise their disposal to professional standards. 


We give your refurbished, as-new equipment a second lease of life. A range of options is available – as the customer, you decide. 

  • Charitable: Your equipment is donated to a good cause – and we can help you organise your campaign. One option is a donation to a community organisation or an educational establishment. 
  • Consumer-friendly: Customers can buy inexpensive refurbished equipment on our “brandused” online platform.
  • Employee-oriented: With our specialised shop solution, your employees can purchase refurbished hardware at company rates.

Certified resource protection with Interseroh

For each service it provides, Interseroh ensures careful handling of the kinds of resources found in IT components, for example. Business IT equipment in particular often has only a short useful life. Our refurbishing service can prevent this equipment from simply being disposed of: instead, devices are given a new and appropriate lease of life. We also certify the quantity of resources thereby saved for our customers – either on a project-related or annual basis. Call us for details.

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