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Take-back of transport packaging – register conveniently and quickly

The principle of product responsibility means producers placing transport packaging in accordance with the Packaging Act on the market are obligated to ensure its proper recycling (§ 15 Packaging Act). Established in 1991, Interseroh is now one of the leading providers of services for the take-back and recycling of transport packaging. We also provide competent advice on the new registration obligation for transport packaging.


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Do you regularly place transport packaging on the market as a manufacturer?

If so, Interseroh is your ideal partner: our tailor-made solutions for handling the pick-up and efficient recycling of used transport packaging from trade, manufacturing and commerce now serve around 20 different industries like construction and furniture provider as well as the sanitation and heating sector. Learn more about your advantages here.

Nationwide take-back

Wherever used transport packaging is generated, we utilise our nationwide network of around 600 certified waste management partners throughout Germany to handle the take-back and recycling of transport packaging made from any and all materials. This film shows you how the system works.

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We would be happy to make you an non-binding offer for the licensing of your transport packaging with Interseroh. You can simply use our request form. Our sales staff will contact you with an attractive offer, which will also put you in a good position for the anticipated registration obligation under Section 9 of the Packaging Act.

Recycling of transport packaging with Interseroh

Your benefits at a glance

  • High-performance

    We handle over two million waste management transactions per year – for over 4,000 customers.

  • Forward-looking

    As a market leader, Interseroh sets standards in the fields of quality, customer orientation and innovative recycling technologies.

  • Cost-effective

    There are no flat fees at Interseroh. Our prices are fairly and transparently based on the packaging volumes put into circulation.

  • Compliant

    As a manufacturer, compliance with the Packaging Act is guaranteed with Interseroh as your partner.

  • Sustainable

    Every year, our customers receive a Resource Protection Certificate as confirmation of their active environmental management.

Packaging with the Interseroh logo

Does your logistics involve Interseroh-labelled transport packaging? If so, you can arrange for free disposal of your used packaging of this type. Our Transport Packaging Service Centre will be happy to register you as a regular waste generation point for this packaging. 

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Frequent questions of our customers

  • What is transport packaging within the meaning of the Packaging Act?

    According to paragraph 3 (1) (3) of the Packaging Act, transport packaging is packaging that "facilitates the handling and transport of goods in such a way that their direct contact as well as transport damage are avoided, and is typically not intended to be passed on to the final consumer".

    Sales packaging, on the other hand, accumulates at the private or commercial end consumer.

    Transport packaging can be registered with a take-back system such as Interseroh, so that take-back, logistics and recycling are ensured by a service provider. In this way, the manufacturer can carry out an expense-based accounting of the quantities he has placed on the market and in most cases avoid paying a flat disposal fee to the trade, because in principle the trade is allowed to charge flat disposal fees. This compensates for the disposal costs incurred when manufacturers do not take back their packaging themselves or through a take-back system. Misleadingly, transport packaging is also referred to as "not subject to system participation". This merely means that it does not have to be registered with a dual system. The obligation to take back transport packaging, as described above, is not affected by this.

  • Who puts transport packaging into circulation and has a take-back obligation?

    According to paragraph 15 of the Packaging Act, the manufacturer who places the transport packaging on the market for the first time, as well as all subsequent (intermediate) distributors, are considered to be the distributors of transport packaging. It is important to have a clear regulation between all parties involved as to by whom or how the obligation is to be fulfilled.

  • What happens to the collected transport packaging?

    Interseroh ensures that packaging is properly sorted and recycled. The goal is to close material loops and promote the use of resources in cycles as much as possible.

  • Who must register with the Central Packaging Agency (ZSVR) according to the Packaging Act?

    Pursuant to the amendment to the Packaging Act, which is expected to be passed on 3 July 2021, distributors of transport packaging must register in the LUCID database of the Central Packaging Agency (ZSVR) as of 1 July 2022. The ZSVR is a foundation under private law as defined in the Packaging Act, but it also performs sovereign tasks for the federal government, such as the operation of the LUCID registration database in this case. 

    It is expected that general data on the manufacturer and brand names will have to be entered. Information on mass and material is not required. Until now, this registration obligation only applied to distributors of sales packaging.

  • In which industries and at which collection points does Interseroh collect packaging in the take-back system for transport packaging?

    Interseroh collects transport packaging from almost all non-food retail partners, as well as from food retailers depending on the agreement with the retail partners. Transport packaging is also collected from industry and commerce according to defined criteria. This collection point structure reflects the customer structure of the manufacturers commissioning Interseroh.

  • Is it sufficient to ensure recycling if a transport packaging is marked with the Resy symbol?

    No, the Resy mark only states that the cardboard is recyclable. It does not take care of the actual recycling (collection and recovery).