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Bespoke pallet pooling for the construction industry

Full service from a single source: as a specialist for RTE pooling, we use standardised processes to manage wooden pallets – from pick-up, inspection and repairs through to delivery and administration.  

Interseroh has set up a nationwide depot and transportation network for the management of reusable and Euro pallets. We pick up the pallets, check each one for damage, perform repairs where necessary and after quality inspection return the pallets exclusively to the building industry cycle. 

This well-organised pallet cycle offers benefits to each and every stakeholder: both manufacturing and trade benefit from guaranteed pallet quality, for example, as well as the reduced effort required for pallet handling. 

First-class standards

Interseroh holds a European Pallet Association (EPAL) licence for Euro pallet repairs. Accordingly, all Euro pallets in our pallet cycle are EPAL-certified and therefore comply with internationally recognised quality standards. We manage a range of pallet types and can pick up pallets both from construction sites and building supply retailers or wholesalers. We develop individual solutions for each type of pallet.

Building materials industry

  • High-performance

    We ensure a continuous supply of pallets while simultaneously optimising your stocks.

  • High-quality

    We guarantee a specific type of pallet quality based on your individual requirements.

Building materials trade

  • Reliable

    We pick up your pallets locally or at the construction site at regular, predetermined intervals.

  • Optimised

    We advise your business partners on shared-use pallet systems with the aim of reducing the different types of pallet in use.

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Pallet pooling

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Ann-Kathrin Denker

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Frequent questions of our customers

  • What services can Interseroh perform as part of pallet pooling?

    We handle the following:

    •    Pick-up of your pallets at builders’ merchants, DIY stores or the construction site
    •    Inspection of all pallets (we check to see whether any repairs are necessary)
    •    Pallet repairs, according to agreed quality criteria
    •    Nationwide delivery to your factory premises
    •    System book-keeping, using a web-based returnable transit equipment platform.

  • What are the Euro pallet quality classes?

    Euro pallets are categorised into one of four standardized quality classes as defined by the European Pallet Association (EPAL): New, Class A, Class B and Class C. Please contact us for details of our quality categorisation services.

  • What information do I need to submit for a quote?

    To provide you with a quote, we require the following information:

    •    Pallet specification
    •    Pallet volume
    •    National distribution volume
    •    Your factory locations

    We clarify any further details of your requirements for our system in a personal meeting.

  • Can single-use pallets also be incorporated into your system?

    We will be happy to discuss how your company could transition from single- to multi-use pallets. Relevant issues here include the pallet specification and your usage requirements. Please call to arrange a personal appointment.

  • As a builders’ merchant, how can I participate in the take-back system?

    You can join the system if your suppliers are themselves members of our pallet management system. Inform your customers about the take-back option.