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We help you to design your packaging recyclable

This is not only demanded by consumers and retailers, it is also claimed by the new packaging law.

But how recyclable is your packaging?

With our scientifically based evaluation method, we analyse the recyclability and on this basis give recommendations of action to improve the package's sustainability.

Express-Analysis Standard-Analysis Initial Assessment
✔ Recyclability assessment ✔ Recyclability assessment ✔ Recyclability assessment
✔ Reporting ✔ Reporting ✔ Reporting
✔ Recommended actions ✔ Recommended actions ✔ Recommended actions
✔ Lab analysis ✔ Lab analysis ✗ Lab analysis
✔ Certificate of recyclability ✔ Certificate of recyclability ✗ Certificate of recyclability
✔ Made for recycling-seal ✔ Made for recycling-seal ✗ Made for recycling-seal
Lead time: Maximun 2 weeks Lead time: About 4 weeks Lead time: 48 hours

Our service

In our plastics competence centre INTERSEROH Plastics Research Development in Maribor, Slovenia, we analyse the recyclability of your plastic packaging under real conditions. Paper packaging is examined in cooperation with the Munich University of Applied Sciences using the PTS method PTS-RH 021/97.

Our packaging analysis includes a laboratory analysis in the above-mentioned institutes, a complete reporting including recommendations for action and a certificate which can be used as a template for customers.

You are developing a new packaging and need an assessment of its recyclability as soon as possible? Then our expert assessment is the right service for you. In our expert assessment we will give you an initial assessment of the recyclability of your packaging within a maximum of 48 hours (2 working days). The result is for internal purposes only and cannot be communicated to the outside.


With our "Made for Recycling" seal we make recyclability visible. We evaluate packaging according to 8 scientific criteria with 0 - 20 points. Packaging that receive 18 or more points are according to our standardised evaluation methodology "very good recyclable" and allowed to carry the seal. This helps the environmentally conscious customer to purchase sustainable products.

Made for Recycling: How it works

How recyclable is your packaging? Our standardised assessment approach has been developed together with independent research institutes.

Your path to a sustainable packaging optimisation

You send us a sample of the packaging that you want to optimise.
We use our assessment method to check and analyse your packaging. This involves considering the end-of-life process from collection to recycling.
We present you with a certificate, a seal and a detailed report containing specific recommendations for action.

Your path to a sustainable packaging optimisation

You can optimise your packaging based on our recommendations.
Within a few weeks, we carry out a second analysis of your packaging and confirm the optimisation.