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Optimising facility management and recycling 

Interseroh is your specialist consultant and your first point of contact for questions about boosting the efficiency of your facility management and improving your rate of recycling. 

Do you want to improve your facility management and your recycling rate, but without additional costs for waste management services? Do you want greater transparency, simplified processes and efficient service provider management?

Guided by our “Optimise & Recycle” approach, we advise and support you in optimising your facility and waste management, from the snapshot analysis to full implementation of the agreed strategy. We develop purpose-built solutions that are a perfect fit for your industry and location. If needed, we can provide local support – from competent recyclable material coordinators or estate managers, for example. 

An overview of our services: 


  • Snapshot analysis, including local site survey
  • Market analysis and benchmarking
  • Standardised service specifications
  • Development of optimisation potential


  • Snapshot analysis, including local site survey
  • KPI breakdown and evaluation
  • Development of optimisation potential with a focus on individual waste categories and recycling quotas, product responsibility and sustainability

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Contact person for this topic:
Andreas Schelle

Managing Director
INTERSEROH Product Cycle GmbH

Frequent questions of our customers

  • What kind of optimisation is possible?

    In Facility Management, cost savings of up to 20 per cent are possible. In Waste Disposal Management, we work with customers to achieve overall recycling rates of up to 99 per cent for all types of waste and all premises.

  • How long does implementation take?

    Depending on premises size, a project duration of about six months should be assumed. 

  • What does implementation cost?

    Costs will depend on the exact services offered and the size of your premises. 

  • What is the implementation workflow?

    Optimising facility management

    1. Snapshot analysis, including local site survey
    2. Market analysis and benchmarking
    3. Standardised statement of work
    4. Development of optimisation potential

    Optimising waste disposal management

    1. Snapshot analysis, including local site survey
    2. KPI breakdown and evaluation
    3. Development of optimisation potential