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Innovative take-back and logistics models for a successful circular economy



By taking back and recycling materials, we want to help protect and preserve our environment for future generations. A reverse logistics system closes loops along the entire supply and value chain. In this process, we control reverse logistics networks and processes.

We take care of the high level of complexity of controlling waste management networks by leveraging our industry know-how and our network, which has evolved over many years. We can also draw on extensive international contacts.

To ensure that individual products and material flows remain traceable, we rely on a high level of digitisation. We align the entire reverse logistics system with your specific needs to enable effective value creation in a closed loop.

The cost effectiveness of integrated take-back systems is a key criterion on which we focus our attention because systems need to be cost-effective to enable your material flows and products to be recycled and marketed again at attractive terms.

Would you like to learn more about our circular concepts? We are happy to inform you about our offers and services.

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