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Our Download Centre gives you immediate access to all of our documents – from brochures to order forms, certificates and our sustainability magazine. 

Brochures and information materials

Interseroh brochure 

Interseroh take-back system of transport packaging

Packaging licensing Europe-wide: EU Packaging Directive

Packaging licensing Europe-wide: flyer

Packaging licensing Europe-wide: order form

Pooling of returnable transport packaging

REACH: General terms and conditions for attending trainings (DE)

REACH: Solutions modules 

REACH: Topics, dates, registration (DE)

Recycled plastics: high-quality and customer-specific

Recycling of plastic: flow chart

REPASACK brochure

REPASACK cooperation partners abroad with license rights

REPASACK cooperation partners with license rights

REPASACK take back- and collection points

Sorting of lightweight packaging: flow chart

Dual System Interseroh 

Sustainability reporting and certificates

Assurance Report Sustainability Report 2015

GRI Index 2014

GRI Index 2014 long version

Study „resources SAVED by recycling“

Sustainability Magazine 2018

Sustainability Magazine 2017 

Sustainability Magazine 2016

Sustainability Magazine 2015

Sustainability Report 2018

Sustainability Reporting 2016

Sustainability Report 2014

Sustainability Report 2012

Sustainability Update 2013