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Interseroh presents current reporting on sustainability commitment

For a world without wastefulness

Cologne. Environmental services provider Interseroh today presented its current reporting on its sustainability commitment. The journalistically prepared sustainability magazine as well as the sustainability report, which adheres to the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), focus on the topic “change of perspective”. Under this theme, Interseroh presents how a linear business method can be converted into a circular business method.

“The increasing consumption and the concomitant wasteful use of resources are placing an enormous load on our planet,” explains Markus Müller-Drexel, Managing Director of INTERSEROH Dienstleistungs GmbH. “Ensuring a safe and environmentally friendly raw material supply for the growing population of the earth is therefore the global challenge of our time. For this reason, a comprehensive circular economy is not just a possible solution, but an absolute necessity.”

In this regard, the new edition of the sustainability magazine presents current projects of the environmental services provider: from sustainable mobility to optimised packaging recycling to preparation and reuse solutions for IT accessories and toner cartridges. The constant driver behind all the business models: the goal of a world without wastefulness. Together with its customers, Interseroh is thus improving resource efficiency – a plus for environmental and climate protection.

The concrete objectives Interseroh has set itself and the contribution the company makes itself to a holistic circular economy are shown in the sustainability strategy newly presented last year, which is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Initial, concrete progress can already be seen: in the ReUse business division alone, which deals with extending product lifecycles, the business volume has been raised significantly.

The Interseroh sustainability magazine is published annually and constitutes an extension of the traditional sustainability report, which is published every two years. The complete Sustainability Report 2018 and this year’s sustainability magazine “zero waste solutions” are available at

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Next to ALBA, Interseroh is one brand under the umbrella of the ALBA Group. The ALBA Group is one of the leading recycling and environmental services companies as well as raw material providers worldwide and operates within Germany, Europa and Asia. In 2019 its divisions generated an annual turnover of approx. 2.0 billion Euros and employed a staff of about 8,800 employees. In 2019 alone ALBA Group saved almost 4.2 million tonnes of greenhouse gases compared to primary production and at the same time about 32.3 million tonnes of primary raw materials through its recycling activities.








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