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GRI 308: Supplier environmental assessment

Management approach

As an integrated services provider, Interseroh coordinates around 1,900 external service providers and suppliers in Germany alone. Ensuring sustainability is comprehensively observed along the entire value chain is therefore a complex challenge. As Interseroh’s own responsibility goes beyond its own boundaries, the company is careful to choose businesses that are socially and ecologically responsible when contracting suppliers to provide customers with indirect services in relation to disposal or logistics orders. Interseroh has therefore developed a Supplier code that serves as a basis of cooperation.

Interseroh’s Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) system has been set up to maximise transparency and efficiency when working with its suppliers. SRM records store supplier data such as certificates, and general information about the company and its environmental/quality management systems.

308-2: Negative environmental impacts in the supply chain and actions taken

Interseroh applies stringent environmental criteria to supplier selection. New suppliers must therefore complete a prescribed screening process that is designed to confirm that they are capable of meeting Interseroh’s minimum requirements for suppliers. Around 1,900 suppliers and service providers work for the company. Of these, Interseroh visits at least 100 every year and interviews them about processes and environmental criteria. Interseroh conducted 126 audits in 2018.