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GRI 301: Materials 

Management approach

The Earth’s resources are limited. If we are to sustain the long-term future of the economy and society, we must therefore use these limited resources as efficiently as possible. This is where Interseroh’s services are making a significant contribution. As an environmental services provider, the company also feels duty-bound to lead by example by configuring its own processes to be as efficient and resource-friendly as possible.

Interseroh itself consumes comparatively few raw materials, as its core business is in the service sector. Material consumption is generally confined to detergents, which are mostly used in washing depots, and the printer paper used by administrative sites. As digitalisation proceeds, the demand for paper will continue to fall, as it did in the reporting period. It is the company's aim to continue to reduce its use of raw materials.

301-1: Materials used by weight or volume

As a service provider, Interseroh consumes comparatively few resources itself; appreciable quantities are consumed primarily by administration (printer paper) and washing (detergents). The quantities consumed of both material groups are strongly influenced by business development.

Printer paper is used mainly by our administrative sites, which consumed 27,222 kilograms in 2018 (2017: 27,468 kilograms). To reduce consumption, Interseroh is raising employee awareness about techniques for saving paper while continuously expanding its electronic billing system. Despite the expansion of the business, paper consumption was 0.9 percent lower than in the previous year.

Detergents on the other hand are primarily used at non-administrative sites. Detergent usage is greatest in the depots operated by INTERSEROH Pool-System GmbH as part of the washing process for returnable transport packaging. By adjusting the concentration of detergent, we managed to reduce the volume used in 2018 compared with the previous year. Total usage at all sites amounted to 189,545 litres in 2018. This is a reduction of 213,390 litres, or 11.2 percent, compared with 2017.

301-2: Recycled input materials used

As an operator of recycling systems, it is Interseroh's task to maintain closed material cycles in which the resources used by its customers are fully re-used (see Interseroh-specific indicator). In providing this service, the use of raw materials is therefore limited primarily to (partly recycled) printer paper and cleaning agents. The quantities consumed of both material groups are strongly influenced by business development.