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Your strong environmental services provider for an intelligent circular economy 

We take an integrated approach to closing product, material and logistics loops, and our recycling solutions and waste prevention strategies set standards across the industry. Our investment in innovation is matched by our commitment to long-term customer partnerships. Our creative approach to sustainability aims to provide a tailored solution for each and every customer requirement. Integrated services from Interseroh: for over 25 years.
  • Customised environmental solutions

  • Innovative approaches to recycling

  • Award-winning secondary raw material

  • Comprehensive service portfolio

  • Over 29 years in the industry

  • Tailor-made sustainability strategy

Our services for any scenario


The collection, refurbishment and marketing of used IT equipment and empty printer cartridges gives products a second lease of life, lessening the impact on budgets and the environment.

IT and communication equipment

Printer cartridges

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

The collection, refurbishment and marketing of used IT equipment and empty printer cartridges gives products a second lease of life, lessening the impact on budgets and the environment.

Pooling of returnable Transport Packaging

Pooling of paletts

Reverse logistics

Waste management

Interseroh organises the transportation and professional disposal of waste from any sector – whether manufacturing, trade, construction or hospitality.

Disposal and waste management

Recyclable material trading

Today’s waste products are tomorrow’s resources. Interseroh trades raw materials in every category on the global market.

Recyclable material trading


The best solutions are collaborative solutions. Interseroh’s customer-specific consulting services target the development of bespoke recycling and environmental services – but we also offer complete services.

Optimise & recycle

Green Office


Pan-European packaging licensing

Clearing service

Battery Recycling

Facility solutions

Transparent and efficient: Interseroh manages and administrates your commercial, residential and special properties throughout Germany – with made-to-measure facility and property management services.

Property management

Facility management

  • Recycling
  • Reuse
  • Logistics & SCM
  • Waste management
  • Recyclable material trading
  • Consulting
  • Facility solutions

An overview of our services

Successful customer cases

Encory - sustainable vehicle parts management with BMW

Collaboration on designing a workable business model turned into a joint venture, and the international rollout with our partner BMW Group began in September 2016.

More information

Recycling of 99 percent of all production waste

Coca-Cola and Interseroh prove the point: recycling is a viable option for almost all manufacturing waste.

More information

'Blauer Engel' for Procyclen containers

Know-how from Interseroh is used by keeeper GmbH for the development of its ECO-Line range of household products

More information

Big-Bagging building waste for reuse

Xella and Interseroh close the resource loop for Ytong and Multipor scrap

More information

From the recycling bin to the DIY store

Sustainable product portfolio: toom Baumarkt GmbH offers its paints and varnishes in Procyclen containers

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Interseroh Current News

21. October 2020
Borderless packaging: running resources in a closed loop across national borders

+++ Future Resources conference online and free of charge this year +++ Experts present the latest political developments and innovations read more

08. October 2020
Scientifically proven: recycling is the key to climate protection / ALBA Group demands minimum quotas for the use of recyclates

+++ Fraunhofer study presented +++ ALBA Group realises one per cent of German greenhouse gas savings compared to 1990 +++ In total approx. 9 per cent… read more

27. August 2020
Take-back campaign with the “Fisher Price” toys brand: Recycling used toys the right way

Cologne. To mark the 90th anniversary of the Fisher Price brand, environmental services provider Interseroh is cooperating with toys manufacturer…

read more

02. September 2020
Recyclability of packaging: bifa and Interseroh welcome the new minimum standard of the Central Agency

+++ Jointly developed "Made for Recycling" analysis is a reliable compliance tool +++ Sustainable packaging design makes a key contribution to climate… read more

12. August 2020
Interseroh joins forces with the BDE to ensure the proper disposal of lithium-ion batteries

Environmental services provider Interseroh has teamed up with the BDE (Federation of the German Waste, Water and Raw Materials Management Industry) to…

read more

09. June 2020
New sustainability magazine: Interseroh presents innovations in the circular economy

Sustainability as a corporate strategy focus +++ With packaging optimisation for recyclability +++ Sustainability strategy leads to progress in… read more

18. May 2020
Interseroh launches webinar offering: Designing recycling-friendly packaging – a guide!

+++ Made for Recycling – Packaging Optimisation +++ First webinar to take place 28 May 2020 from 10:00 until 11:30 am +++ Packaging components and… read more

14. May 2020
Business statement for crisis management and a sustainable future: making our economy more resilient with a climate stimulus programme

To mark the start of the Petersberg Climate Dialogue at the end of April , Foundation 2° issued an appeal to the German federal government for a… read more

20. April 2020
Interseroh centre of competence for plastics recycling awarded official accreditation

+++ Technical know-how for quality standards +++ The only accredited research institute to focus on recycled plastics in the EU +++ Independent… read more

23. March 2020
Life-cycle calculation of packaging: Interseroh and Sphera develop GaBi Packaging CalculatoR+

+++ Create life-cycle analyses and determine closed-loop circulation +++ Different designs of packaging compared with each other read more

04. February 2020
Unilever is awarded the “Made for Recycling” seal from Interseroh for Cremissimo packaging

Very good recycling capability +++ Scientific method of assessment, developed by Interseroh and the bifa environmental institute and verified by the… read more

21. January 2020
Interseroh attends the “DACH+HOLZ International” trade fair for the first time

Recycling of transport packaging +++ Allocated exhibition space in Hall 10, Stand 412 read more

11. December 2019
Interseroh commissions second Mobile Counting Centre / Relief of load on retail trade and environment

Flexible solution for single-use beverage containers +++ Innovative concept of INTERSEROH Pfand-System GmbH for single-use beverage containers +++… read more

07. November 2019
Future Resources 2019: Quality standard for recyclates urgently necessary to strengthen sales markets

+++ 3rd conference of Interseroh and dvi +++ Central unit draws interim balance: All manufacturers must subject their packaging to testing +++ As… read more

14. October 2019
New study: ALBA Group realises one per cent of German greenhouse gas savings

+++ Recycling is a key factor for climate protection +++ The ALBA Group was able to save 4.4 million tonnes of climate-damaging greenhouse gases in… read more

10. October 2019
Designing packaging the right way: from the idea to the implementation

+++ Expert platform “Future Resources 2019” +++ Summary after almost one year of the German Packaging Act and best-practice examples for sustainable… read more

08. October 2019
“Check for Recycling” – the smart and fast test for packaging

+++ New online tool from Interseroh +++ Simple entry into the systematic packaging optimisation +++ To a first ecological assessment of packaging in… read more

01. October 2019
Interseroh Austria further expands its engagement at REMEDIA TSR in Italy

Expansion in the WEEE area read more

17. September 2019
Interseroh finalist in the special category Digitalisation at the German Sustainability Award

12th German Sustainability Award read more

10. September 2019
FachPack 2019: Interseroh presents assessment method for climate and resource-conserving packaging optimisation

+++ “Made for Recycling”: Environmentally and recycling-friendly packaging +++ Scientifically founded analysis methodology supports manufacturers and… read more

13. August 2019
Interseroh wins ARC award for its 2018 sustainability magazine

The 33rd International Annual Report Competition (ARC) read more

07. August 2019
Recycle plastic, protect the climate – an approach that bears fruit

+++ Innovative extrusion process +++ Interseroh improves benefit to customers and the environment by investing in innovative “one extrusion process”… read more

01. August 2019
Secure erasure of data: Interseroh confirms partnership with Blancco

Sustainability and data protection during IT refurbishment +++ Environmental services provider is “Logistics Blancco Gold Partner for ITAD” +++ read more

02. July 2019
Interseroh nominated in two categories for the German Sustainability Award

12th German Sustainability Award read more

25. June 2019
Interseroh signs German Sustainability Code again

Interseroh renews declaration of compliance to the Sustainability Code read more

04. June 2019
Interseroh presents current reporting on sustainability commitment

For a world without wastefulness read more

09. May 2019
ReUseMe: Interseroh sells its own refill toner cartridges

Sustainability in black and white read more

12. April 2019
Interseroh and EREMA Win Plastics Recycling Awards Europe 2019

+++ Award for mechanical plastics recycling +++ Cascade Extrusion System COREMA® is declared “Recycling Machinery Innovation of the Year” +++ read more

29. January 2019
Reuse of toner cartridges: Study proves concrete environmental benefit

Contribution to climate and resource protection +++ New study by the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT +++ With the return of 1.4 million toner cartridges,… read more

18. January 2019
Plastics Recycling Awards Europe 2019: Interseroh and EREMA among the finalists

Innovation in plastics recycling read more

10. December 2018
Full power for sustainability: Interseroh successively converts energy supply to green power

Further engagement for climate protection +++ Interseroh headquarters in Cologne and sorting plant in Walldürn will be supplied completely with power… read more

28. November 2018
“PackTheFuture”: Markus Müller-Drexel presents Sustainable Plastic Packaging Award in the Ecodesign category

Award for eco-friendly packaging design +++ Interseroh, as the new partner of the initiative “PackTheFuture”, involved in the award winners’ selection… read more

06. November 2018
Future Resources 2018: Advancing the solutions for a comprehensive packaging cycle

Second conference hosted by dvi and Interseroh +++ Retail trade, the world of industry and the recycling sector deepen their exchange +++ Focus on… read more

29. October 2018
New German Packaging Act: data reporting now possible

LUCID – the Central Agency Packaging Register’s database read more

17. October 2018
Smart recycling: New technology for recompounds increases both quality and environmental benefit

Interseroh and EREMA at the Fakuma 2018 +++ Interseroh and EREMA jointly present the COREMA® cascade extrusion system +++ Data transparency in real… read more

10. October 2018
The packaging of tomorrow – made for recycling

Expert platform “Future Resources 2018” +++ Following the successful launch event 2017: Second symposium by dvi and Interseroh taking place on 6… read more

08. October 2018
ALBA Group contributes to the implementation of the EU plastics strategy

11th survey of resources published +++ Closed loop-circulation of plastics more efficient than primary production; one tonne of recycled propylene… read more

28. September 2018
Attention, e-commerce dealers: new legislation will be coming into effect from 2019

Effects of the German Packaging Act +++ Trusted Shops Survey: More than a third of the surveyed online retailers have never heard of the new law +++… read more

21. September 2018
SIMPLi RETURN: Vollmann and Jüsten appointed Managing Directors

Worldwide take-back system for lithium-ion batteries +++ First joint appearance for joint venture between Saubermacher and Interseroh at the ICBR… read more

28. August 2018
Interseroh launches online shop Lizenzero

Packaging licensing made easy +++ Product range aimed especially at small dealers and companies +++ Online service bears Trusted Shops quality seal… read more

10. August 2018
Interseroh welcomes CAPR catalogue and participates in consultation process

Catalogue of Central Agency Packaging Register (CAPR) +++ Catalogue creates clarity regarding duty to participate in system +++ Precise regulations… read more

01. August 2018
Interseroh at Fakuma 2018

International trade fair for industrial plastics processing read more

04. March 2018
Decarbonisation is achievable

Cooperative project on the way to a <2° economy read more

10. July 2018
Create reports at the click of the mouse with Nachhaltigkeitsreporting360

For SMEs: sustainability reporting made easy +++ Small and medium-sized companies save up to 80 percent on production costs and 70 percent on time +++… read more

05. July 2018
Interseroh is a nominee for the European Business Awards for the Environment

Slovenia-based subsidiary of the environment specialists is nominated in the “Process” category read more

03. July 2018
Interseroh new partner of the “PackTheFuture” initiative

Focus on packaging optimisation +++ Environmental services provider takes part in the selection of the prize winners for the “Sustainable Plastic… read more

26. June 2018
kilenda nominated for the German Sustainability Award 2018

Germany’s most sustainable company read more

19. June 2018
Global goals in focus: Interseroh presents new sustainability strategy

Sustainability magazine published +++ The Cologne environmental services provider has oriented its sustainability strategy to the 17 Sustainability… read more

11. June 2018
SIMPLi RETURN: Interseroh and Saubermacher have created the first global recycling service for lithium-ion batteries

Responding to the challenges of e-mobility read more

31. May 2018
Despite insolvency of ELS: disposal of sales packaging is ensured

Despite insolvency of ELS: disposal of sales packaging is ensured read more

05. June 2018
Interseroh, bifa and Fraunhofer IVV present new testing method for packaging optimisation

Scientific basis for recycling-friendly packaging design +++ Points system makes recycling capability of packaging measurable +++ Improvement… read more

24. May 2018
Interseroh to manage workshop waste from Volkswagen OTLG

Environmental services provider wins contract for overall waste management services starting from 2019 +++ Contract covers the management of workshop… read more

09. May 2018
Interseroh included in KlimaExpo.NRW climate protection initiative

Interseroh included in KlimaExpo.NRW climate protection initiative +++ Environmental services from Interseroh pave the way to a climate-friendly… read more

10. April 2018
Interseroh Austria acquires a share in REMEDIA TSR

Partnership expansion in the Italian WEEE branch read more

04. March 2018
The German Packaging Act – taking advantage of the new opportunities

The German Packaging Act presents opportunities: innovation, collaboration and eco-design as keys to success read more

16. March 2018
Giving smartphones and tablets a second life brings clear relief to the environment

On the occasion of the Global Recycling Day: a new Fraunhofer Study is presented +++ Reconditioning smartphones and tablets for a second operating… read more

02. March 2018
Plastics Recycling Awards Europe 2018 / Interseroh Among Finalists in Two Categories / Award Ceremony on 25 April 2018

Cologne. Interseroh is among this year’s finalists at the international Plastics Recycling Awards Europe 2018. The environmental services provider is… read more

14. February 2018
16th Inno-Meeting: Interseroh on packaging recycling routes

The 16th Inno-Meeting, entitled ‘Closing the loop’, will be held on 20 February. Around 150 decision-makers from the food and packaging industries…

read more

29. January 2018
EU Chemicals Regulation: a range of duties shared by manufacturers, importers and dealers

Deadline for registration is 31 May 2018 read more

09. January 2018
The circular economy – a New Year’s resolution for the economy and the environment

Every year, we try to make at least one new resolution – living more healthily, making more time for family, spending less time online are just a few… read more

17. January 2018
kilenda project chosen among Top 3 finalists of “Lifestyle” category / Award ceremony on 13 May 2018

GreenTec Awards 2018 read more

28. December 2017
An end-of-year appeal: take responsibility for your products and create value!

How the circular economy works to counter climate change, resource scarcity and related issues read more

20. December 2017
Christmas, a time for giving – and for new electronic gadgets?

Old hardware makes way for new. A case for refurbishment! read more

04. December 2017
Visit Interseroh at the international interiors show. 15–21 January 2018 in Cologne: Boulevard 013

Take-back and recycling of transport packaging. Cost-effective, sustainable, nationwide. Interseroh: setting standards. For more than 25 years. read more

23. November 2017
Interseroh presents comforter teddies to Porz am Rhein Hospital

For the little patients read more

15. November 2017
A modern circular economy reveals potential for climate policy

+++ Interseroh signs business declaration +++ Joint declaration by 51 businesses and associations +++ The German circular economy is a trailblazer in… read more

09. November 2017
Plastic upcycling by Interseroh awarded Slovenian environmental prize

Interseroh further develops Recycled-Resource in Maribor read more

18. October 2017
Future Resources 2017: Successful start under the theme “Packaging is raw material”

dvi and Interseroh symposium +++ Discussion on the topic of the recycling capabilities of packaging +++ Experts agree: “More focus must be placed on… read more

17. October 2017
ALBA Group builds new production plant for recyclable materials at Chemiepark Marl

Investment in recycling and sustainability: “Sorting 4.0” +++ The latest generation of plant combines many years of expertise with state-of-the-art… read more

04. October 2017
In the run-up to COP23: recycling is a key factor for UN climate targets

ALBA Group presents 10th survey of resources +++ In 2016, ALBA Group recycling saved some 4.3 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions and some 36.2 million… read more

22. September 2017
The first dvi and Interseroh symposium on the recycling capability of packaging materials

“Future Resources 2017”: Focus on Sustainability +++ Meeting of experts in Frankfurt am Main on 17 October 2017 +++ Symposium under the motto… read more

21. September 2017
Interseroh and Fermacell optimise the supply chain in the construction industry

Development of reusable pools read more

20. September 2017
Interseroh develops new Procyclen formula in cooperation with ExxonMobil Chemical

Further progress in plastics recycling +++ Improved impact properties at room temperature +++ First use of ExxonMobil Chemical additives in recycling… read more

31. August 2017
Interseroh wins three ARC Awards for Sustainability Magazine

International distinction from Annual Report Competition (ARC) read more

10. August 2017
German Sustainability Code: Interseroh meets standards for sustainable management

As a leading provider of environmental services aimed at closing product, material or logistics loops, Interseroh once more has signed the… read more

01. August 2017
Fakuma 2017: Interseroh to attend the world leading event

International trade fair for industrial plastics processing read more

20. June 2017
With “zero waste solutions” against wastage of resources

Interseroh Publishes Sustainability Report and Sustainability Magazine read more

07. June 2017
Interseroh presents a new service for packaging optimisation

Third Packaging Day run by DVI read more

19. May 2017
Interseroh represented at international trade fair PLASTPOL for the first time

Leading event of the plastics industry in Central and Eastern Europe read more

20. April 2017
„Battery Recycling“ at Hannover Messe

Interseroh takes part in the GTAI panel discussion „Battery-Recycling in Germany“ read more

11. April 2017
Ready for the Packaging Act: State Minister Franz Untersteller visits the ALBA waste sorting plant in Walldürn

Modern technology for high recycling volumes read more

21. March 2017
From hospitals to gourmet cuisine: waste management optimisation for food catering facilities

Interseroh and “United Against Waste” start collaboration read more

24. February 2017
Proven for the first time: Reconditioning of laptops etc. protects the climate and saves valuable resources

ReUse of IT and communication devices read more

14. February 2017
We close the loop – and now even more visibly.

Keep an eye out for the brand-new semi-trailers with the Interseroh look! read more

13. January 2017
Upcycling polyolefins / Interseroh presents Recycled-Resource process

“Future of Polyolefins” 2017 read more

09. December 2016
Visit our stand at BAU 2017 in Munich! 16–21 January 2017: Hall A1, Stand 100

Interseroh’s take-back and recycling solutions for transport packaging. Customer-oriented, efficient, conserving resources. For 25 years. read more

09. December 2016
Visit Interseroh at the international interiors show. 16–22 January 2017 in Cologne: Boulevard 013

Take-back and recycling of transport packaging. Cost-effective, sustainable, nationwide. Interseroh: setting standards. For 25 years. read more

15. September 2016
Interseroh opens new centre of competence for recycling plastics

Provider of environmental services invests in its research and development read more

18. May 2016
AlmaWin and Interseroh establish innovative Procyclen bottle for organic detergent

First recycled plastic to be used in the blow moulding process read more

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