Marking your paper bags: take a stand for sustainability

We help you the distributor of paper bags satisfy the statutory requirements.  Because our REPASACK symbol is the "Return ticket" for your paper bags.

The REPASACK system for user paper bags – efficient and complete

The REPASACK symbol is a registered trademark.It docu- ments the recyclability of the paper bags in the intention of the German Packaging Ordinance. Learn more in our REPASACK brochure

Symbol licence contract for your paper bags

The REPASACK symbol classifies the goods filled into the paper bags according to the statutory requirements according to building materials, chemical products or human and animal foods.
You agree the use of the symbol with us. The REPASACK symbol, a registered trademark, is only valid in combination with a specific customer registration number. This prevents any misuse.

Two ways to use the symbol – one sustainable solution:

  1. You pay for the disposal service when you buy the paper bags. In this case the Repasack licence is held by our cooperation partners or the paper bag manufacturers. You pay a fee for every paper bag printed with the REPASACK symbol. This is only possible for fillings that are free from pollutants.
  2. You conclude a contract directly with Repasack. In this case you purchase the license yourself and then authorise the manufacturer of your paper bags to print the REPASACK symbol on the bags on your behalf. Your advantage: you pay for the total quantity of paper bags for Germany in regular instalments over the year.

Packaging with hazardous goods and/or hazardous materials labelling

We can also offer the REPASACK-G (hazardous goods) system for packaging containing polluted fillings from trade and industry. Once again, you will need a separate symbol licence contract that regulates the special recycling of the paper bags. 

In this case a special symbol licence contract has to be concluded.

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Your paper bags are filled with hazardous goods or materials? More about disposal with the REPASACK-G-System

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The Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT approves: ALBA Group Recycling contributes to the protection of primary resources.

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