Transformer dismantling

Transformers are dismantled in plants that have been approved in accordance with the Bundesimmissionsschutz-Gesetz (BImSch = German control of pollution act). We offer transformer dismantling for all kinds of oil transformers, though also dry transformers.

Our range of services

The range of services covers the dismantling of large transformers ready for transport through to the transportation of local network transformers in leak-proof transformer containers. At the same time we are able to provide customers with leakproof transformer skips that can be used for safe storage.

When it comes to transformer recycling we take care of not just the dismantling but also the complete service for transportation as well as the preparation of the HGV transport permit.

Transformers with a PCB content > 50ppm will not be accepted.

From dismantling to waste disposal

Our range of services does not stop at simply the dismantling of transformers; we can also take care of the disposal of complete transformer stations.

This includes in detail: site facilities, removal and transportation of the transformer, demolition of the station, verification procedure for the waste disposal, backfilling of the excavation pit, independent acceptance procedure with the municipality and/or site owner.

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